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Yo, I'm Adam Tyler Smith a High Performance Coach and Entrepreneur!

You're here because there is something inside of you that you want or need to unlock. 

You want the most out of life, have your eye on doing big things, and want to live at the top levels of life. You’re looking for a coach to help you break free from your current self so you can achieve your highest potential and feel purposeful, aligned, unleashed, and free. 

You and I both know your potential is limitless. The life you want to live is possible. The health, wealth, and happiness you dream of is possible.

My clients and I are proof of that possibility!


What others have said about working with me…

I wanted to improve my personal brand and I also wanted to get his thoughts on the new podcast that I was creating so one call guys is the first call the first call we ever had Adam helped me recognize some of the limiting beliefs that I had. Some of the beliefs that were holding me back that I didn’t even think about but he called me out on. He helped me figure out the direction I wanted to take with my podcast and kind of solidify that direction and focus. He also gave me some ideas that would improve the podcast and maybe even differentiate it a bit.

"I'm proud to say I was able to reach a profit in my first month, so things have been going really well and I’m really excited about it. A big part of what I feel has led to my success is Adam Tyler Smith. He has been working with me on my social media since before I opened, probably about two weeks before I opened, but if I could go back. I would have made it like months of building an audience. What he was able to do for me is to teach me a little bit about social media and search engine optimization, my website, Clickfunnels, and different ways of marketing that I might not have known much about otherwise.”

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Luis C.
- Business Consultant & Agency Owner

Adam has been able to help me exponentially. He’s been teaching me how to scale my consulting business. How to get new clients. How to position myself as an authority. Along with how to set my business up in a way that makes sense for myself and my clients.

I’ve had the best experience working with Adam. If you’re on the fence or need a coach don’t hesitate to jump on a call with him and see what he has to offer. He really know’s what he’s talking about and I highly recommend you work with him. 

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Anna L.
- Intuitive Biz Coach

I met Adam at a really pivotal time for me in my business, I was preparing to leave my career in the mental health field. I had been working part time for about 3-4 years but hadn’t taken to leap to full time.

In just the first call, I gained more clarity and more support than I have on any other call with any mentor around my business.

Having a mentor that you can trust and having a mentor that you know is in your corner, that just fully is rooting you on all the time is so important.

If you're looking to chase your dreams and to start a business, or you're looking to expand your business in some way, or to pivot, to create an impact, whatever it is that you're looking to do, and you're looking for some help along the way, you should definitely connect with Adam. You will not be sorry.

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Aishah I.
- Intuitive Biz Coach

Adam has helped me launch and develop my life coaching business. He’s also the one who helped me through all the nitty gritty stuff as well. He’s even been partly my therapist through it. 


Anytime doubt, impostor syndrome or me just thinking “who is going to want me to work with them” he was right there talking me through and hyping me up. 


He has such a human approach to coaching and teaching that’s not only effective but fun. Even from our first call I really knew he wanted me to win, not just on the surface, but really win!

There is a lot you can learn from him. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to take your business and life to the next level.

What are the next steps?

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