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Self-mastery & business coaching for creatives, content creators, coaches, and entrepreneurs.

Supporting change makers in creating more impact and producing more revenue without burning out!

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Weekly business, mindset, and self-mastery insights for solopreneurs building life-lead businesses.

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In just the first call, I gained more clarity and more support than I have on any other call with any other mentor around my business.

My business has changed so much since then. Having a mentor that you can trust and having a mentor that you know is in your corner, that just fully is rooting for you on all the time, is so, so important, and I feel that Adam really has that quality and is really trustworthy as a coach and a mentor.

If you're looking to chase your dreams and to start a business, or you're looking to expand your business in some way, or to pivot, to create an impact, whatever it is that you're looking to do, and you're looking for some help along the way, you should definitely connect with Adam. You will not be sorry.

-Anna | Women's Empowerment Coach

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Yo, I'm Adam.

Over the past 13 years, I’ve worked with a wide range of clients, from multi-billion dollar investment firms to personal brands, coaches, speakers, fitness professionals, among many others. During this time I've helped generate over $10 Million dollars in revenue for my clients. 

Since being laid off over 6 years ago I’ve strategically built my own brand and business in a way that feels best for me. I knew the freedom to choose my own path was right for me and knew I could help others carve their path and impact as well.

In addition to my 10+ years working in marketing and design agencies, I’ve studied and worked hand in hand with some of the greatest minds in branding, marketing, and personal development. 

I have a knack for helping people uncover their true story, problem solve within their business, and help them use that story to serve others in achieving their hopes and dreams. All while making a good living do it!

While not easy, the solution is simple and chances are you have the knowledge right now to put it all together. You just need some guidance and a system to put it in place to create a long-lasting brand and business while also living the life you want!

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A shaky foundation = a shaky business. Knowing who you serve is one of the most important things to "figure out" in your business. Knowing your niche allows for much easier marketing and sales. 

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What others have said about working with me…

“I wanted to improve my personal brand and I also wanted to get his thoughts on the new podcast that I was creating so one call guys is the first call the first call we ever had Adam helped me recognize some of the limiting beliefs that I had. Some of the beliefs that were holding me back that I didn’t even think about but he called me out on. He helped me figure out the direction I wanted to take with my podcast and kind of solidify that direction and focus. He also gave me some ideas that would improve the podcast and maybe even differentiate it a bit.

The amount of value that I received from someone who, you know, genuinely cares about my brand was immense and I appreciate the opportunity to work with Adam and definitely gonna be working with him more in the future. So if you are on the fence about this whole thing … don’t be. Adam has this branding and marketing strategy on lock so if you’re serious about improving your brand or your marketing or whatever you’re working on. Do you want to take it to that next level? Then you need to get serious about someone who is genuinely going to care about that brand, product, or whatever you’re doing. So like me that go-to is Adam Smith and I feel that after your first call with Adam he’s gonna be yours too."

“I’m proud to say I was able to reach a profit in my first month, so things have been going really well and I’m really excited about it. A big part of what I feel has led to my success is Adam Tyler Smith. He has been working with me on my social media since before I opened, probably about two weeks before I opened, but if I could go back. I would have made it like months of building an audience. What he was able to do for me is to teach me a little bit about social media and search engine optimization, my website, Clickfunnels, and different ways of marketing that I might not have known much about otherwise.”


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