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Deadly Coaching Sin #3 - Not Having a Sales System!

Uncategorized Mar 05, 2020

You aren't a coach unless you have coaching clients!

How do you get those clients though? Without a system, you will be dead in the water when it comes to attracting and creating new clients. 

The overall sales system needs to feel authentic to you but there are some things that work much better than others. 

I like to break my systems down into two different parts. The marketing part and the sales call part. The marketing system brings a cold audience in as a lead and the sales part moves the lead to a prospect than to a client.  

As I explain in the video above (with a lot of hand gestures) systems are needed to:

  1. Save you time and money
  2. Figure out if something is actually working
  3. Make sure people know enough about you to make a decision about getting into your program.

Normally, when someone talks about systems my brain shuts down but these are fairly simple. A system to me is just a series of actions that takes someone from point A to point B. I'm a fan of...

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Deadly Coaching Sin #2 - Not Charging Enough!

Uncategorized Mar 05, 2020

Get paid what you're worth and for the great results, you're going to get people!

I can't stress this enough, most coaches are undercharging for their coaching. Even if you've already moved away from session-based coaching and have a signature system you take people through, you're probably still not charging enough. 

The keys are 1. To know your worth. 2. Help them transform. If you create something extremely transformational people will invest in your coaching.

Many people talk about charging high-ticket prices ($2,500+) but don't talk about the transformational part of your coaching. It has to change their life. I talked in previous videos about solving a big problem. This ties into the investment into your program as well. Solving a bigger problem = people will invest more!

A high-ticket offer also takes the stress of having to make hundreds of sales in order to get to your income goals. 100 sales at $300 = $30,000. 10 sales at $3,000 = $30,000. Imagine you have a closing...

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Deadly Coaching Sin #1 - Not Knowing You Who Or Result!

Uncategorized Dec 11, 2019

I'm not adding a thumbnail because the one they picked is hilarious!

DO NOT MAKE this Deadly Coaching Sin!

Stop resisting having a niche! In the video above I explain why knowing who you want to serve and what result they are going to get from working with you in the #1 piece of information that is needed when you first start out as a coach. If you're already a coach and having trouble getting to the next level. This is also a really good reminder and may make you rethink some things as well as switch some things in your business around. 

This isn't always the easiest thing to figure out but it is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to the success of your coaching business. If you take the time to put in this work it will be beneficial for you long term, allow you to speak more clearly to your ideal clients, create content more easily, and make more money! 


When you're ready.... here are a few ways we can help you grow your coaching business:

  1. Join the Impactful Coaches Facebook group...
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An Interview: Brian & Adam | Branding & Marketing Consulting

Uncategorized May 29, 2019

Brian Rodgers, COO of FL+G, and I sit down for a deep dive into a huge amount of topics including; the importance of personal branding, marketing, personal development, career choices, meditation, how important sports and activity is to your life, and much more.

Yes, it is quite long and I appreciate everyone who has listened to even a few seconds of my videos. 

As always thanks for watching and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!

Connect With Brian Here:


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