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Deadly Coaching Sin #1 - Not Knowing You Who Or Result!

I'm not adding a thumbnail because the one they picked is hilarious!

DO NOT MAKE this Deadly Coaching Sin!

Stop resisting having a niche! In the video above I explain why knowing who you want to serve and what result they are going to get from working with you in the #1 piece of information that is needed when you first start out as a coach. If you're already a coach and having trouble getting to the next level. This is also a really good reminder and may make you rethink some things as well as switch some things in your business around. 

This isn't always the easiest thing to figure out but it is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to the success of your coaching business. If you take the time to put in this work it will be beneficial for you long term, allow you to speak more clearly to your ideal clients, create content more easily, and make more money! 


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